Apple’s inventory system is a treasure trove of upcoming devices and the lucky sources of 9to5Mac were able to get access to it. Three new iPod touch models have been spotted in the system with the codename N81A. Since N81 is the codename for iPod touch 4G Black model, A likely represents the string of the white version of the iPod touch 4G in all the three capacities 8GB, 32GB, 64GB.

Apple launching a white version of the iPod Touch with little to no improvement isn’t unprecedented. Few weeks back, multiple reports appeared suggesting that Apple will likely offer its new portable music player ‘iPod touch 4G’ with an alternate color scheme – white and won’t feature any major external design changes. However, past leaks suggests that Apple may add an oleophobic coating for the display and a revised ambient light sensor to the media player. Even in supply chain leaks, only few iPod Touch parts in white color surfaced - digitizer component and headphone jack.

White iPod touch 4G

The report adds that eagle eyed “Mr. X” spotted two new iPhone SKUs that in the inventory database that are marked as tweaked iPhone 4s with codename N90A. You must know that the current iPhone 4 is tagged as N90 whilst the CDMA iPhone 4 carries the codename N92. Could it be an iPhone 4 model in 8 gigs capacity (in both white and black color scheme) for growth markets, as rumored earlier? But iPhone 4S codename N94 which was leaked by us does not appear anywhere in the system.

Apple has already sent invites to select media houses for the event on October 4th that will take place at Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino. The company will likely give the world its first official glimpse of an iPhone 5 along with iOS 5 and iCloud, new iPod touches and more.

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