Just on the heels of Mashable’s report that Facebook will unveil its iPad app at iPhone 5 launch event on Oct 4, for which users have been beseeching the company for long, Techcrunch is now reporting that Facebook’s iPad app is ”about to launch” alongside Project Spartan, an HTML5-based mobile app store for Facebook apps. Earlier today, Techcrunch got hold on Facebook’s secret project “Spartan”.

Facebook’s HTML5 app push, codenamed Project Spartan, was spotted buried inside Facebook mobile developer’s page detailing the app’s core components, icons for Bookmarks, Messages, Notifications, and Friend Requests. The screenshots clearly depict tight integration of Facebook Mobile App with iOS and Android.
facebook Spartan Leaked shots

Facebook’s iPad app is about to launch. That too has been ready to go for a while now, but it has been held up by some internal back-and-forth between Apple and Facebook. And Project Spartan has been waiting on that iPad app.

Earlier this week, Mashable reported that Facebook’s iPad app would launch at Apple’s iPhone event this coming Tuesday. For what it’s worth, we’ve heard Facebook is actually planning to launch the iPad app at their own iPad/Spartan event on Monday. But they’re still discussing all of this with Apple. And Apple has been well known to change things at the last second. It is possible that they want Facebook to launch this on stage at their event to showcase some of the new HTML5 capabilities of iOS 5 (which will also be formally unveiled at the event).

Some of the exclusive features that Mark Zuckerberg’s team has access to the internal code and APIs are presented here and only the developers can unlock those capabilities that a third party iOS developers couldn’t even reach out. It includes bookmarking for apps, the flow from a Notification of a friend invite to a third-party app, App Search, in-app purchases are supported using Facebook Credits for games and other Facebook apps.

In a bid to sidestep Apple’s App Store and break its monopoly, Facebook is launching Spartan in which HTML5-based app will work within Mobile Safari on Apple’s devices including the iPhone and the iPad. The platform will help the company to reach the 100 million users who routinely utilize a safari-browser that supports only HTML5.

Folks! Facebook is getting its mobile game on. Book your calendars for next week. That’s when all will be revealed. Probably! However, Facebook has yet to confirm the release date for its iPad app or Project Spartan.

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