We’ve just received few exclusive images in the MacPost inbox, and it seems the iPhone 5 will not be getting larger real state on display panel. The images appear to be from the same source who earlier leaked out high resolution images of iPhone running on A5 processor. The iPhone 5 photo with marking of 3.5 inch indicates that the part reseller actually took the measurement of LCD screen. This debunks earlier claim that the iPhone 5/4S will probably have 3.5- to 3.7-inch LCD panel.

Another image shows comparison between iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 dock connector. Except for few minor changes in the internal circuitry, these leaked parts so far don’t offer a tantalizing tease.

Till now, there is no full-proof indication (apart from case leaks) which pinpoints that Apple will launch iPhone 5. Recent inventory leak suggests that Apple will be launching dual-mode iPhone 4S (codename N94) capable of operating on both GSM and CDMA networks. If rumor turns out to be true, this single device will bring down the operating cost and will position Apple Inc. to better compete with rival Android globally.

iPhone 5 screen

iPhone 5 Dock Connector

Apple CEO Tim Cook will be launching the next generation iPhone and new media players like iPod touches and iPods in a keynote on October 4th. This is the day when false rumors will be extinguished.

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