The iPhone 4S (codename N94) we’ve been hearing about for some time has now shown off in Apple’s internal inventory system in three different capacities, reports 9to5Mac citing “Mr. X”. Does that mean the next generation iPhone might come in 16GB, 32GB and 64 Gigs – 32GB storage more than what can currently we had with the top of the line iPhone? Or is it 8GB iPhone?

It is possible that in order to promote its upcoming iCloud service, Apple may cut down the storage space and release 8GB iPhone instead of 64GB. Even mainstream media noted last month that Apple manufacturing partners are assembling lower-priced version of iPhone with a smaller 8 gigabyte flash drive for growth markets.

In contrary, 64GB version of iPhone 4 engineered prototypes have appeared multiple times on various Chinese and Taiwanese forums (video here), which make us believe that Apple’s new iPhone might come in 64GB that will provide users an extra room to store a decent-size music collection, a good amount of video, lots of apps and one more reason to consumers to ditch Android phone in favor of iPhone.

So far, apart from case leaks, there has been no evidence which pinpoints that Apple will launch completely re-designed iPhone 5. Recent inventory leak and packaging label insinuates that the company will be launching dual-mode iPhone 4S N94 that could sport 8MP camera and A5 processor with iPhone-4-like design.

With an official launch on October 4 at Apple’s campus, we wouldn’t be so surprised if more leaks are on the way by then.

iPhone 4 64GB

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  • person287

    Doesn’t really surprise me that much, the technology is obviously there to put it in so there’s no reason they wouldn’t that I can think of, they can also probably mark it up a bit more. Also wouldn’t be surprised if the next iPod Touch is 128GB.