Wall Street Journal reports that Samsung Electronics’ Lawyers has offered Apple Inc. a proposal in a bid to resolve patent dispute that could then allow the Korean company to launch its Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet in Australia.

Without citing much detail, Samsung’s attorney David Catterns told that Galaxy Tab 10.1 could be launch as early as next week in Australia, if Apple accepts the agreement. Apple lawyer Steven Burley told the court that they need time to ponder over the proposal. Both Samsung and Apple failed to conclude their arguments, and the hearing is set to resume on October 4.

Early this week, Samsung withdrew two features from the Galaxy 10.1 tab which allegedly infringed Apple’s patents and now fighting in court over touch- screen display technology only.

It all started back in May when Apple filed infringement suits against rival Samsung Electronics in Australia claiming that the Galaxy Tablet “slavishly” infringed on the patented design of the iPad and that it copied the design elements of the iPad. Federal Court Justice Annabelle Bennett rules out injunction in favor of Apple, barring the sale of the Galaxy tablets in Australia until final ruling comes.

Federal Court Justice Annabelle Bennett said that she aims to deliver a ruling next week, however she declined to provide a definitive time-frame for a decision on the injunction.

Samsung Galaxy 10.1 tablet

In a series of cases, Apple has already blocked Samsung electronics from selling its latest tablets in Germany and Galaxy line smartphone models in the Netherlands.

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