A new set of silicon cases claimed to be for the iPhone 5 have been leaked into the hands of 9to5Mac, suggesting Apple is actually planning a radical new design. If accurate, these cases ties in perfectly with recent leaks of design drawings and parts, with the suggestion being that Apple will stick with the same form factor to iPhone 4 but with the exception of a larger edge-to-edge screen and curved back.

iPhone 5 Silicon Case

The source is, however, same who previously leaked accurate design schematics for the iPad 2 ahead of its launch. 9to5Mac further confirms that Asian case manufacturers have now started selling iPhone 5 case designs to case sellers globally for their own branding.

iPhone5 Silicon Case
Multiple reports including Wall Street Journal have already pinpointed that the iPhone 5 will feature a form factor similar to the iPhone 4, but would be thinner and lighter. Some analysts independently confirmed that iPhone 5 will feature thinner, teardrop design having aluminum back. Via [9to5Mac]

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